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Swedish pictures and posters online

We want art to be available for more people. We think that art is needed for our wellbeing  -  and with posters we can make that possible. Here, at Arty Swede, you will find unique and carefully chosen motives, hoping they will inspire you.

Look at our most popular posters, our appreciated kitchen posters or the botanical posters.

All our motives are uniquely created for Arty Swede by selected artists. Your picture wall will be unique when you decorate your home. When you buy posters from Arty Swede you also contribute to creating better conditions for other people,

10% of  the surplus goes in full to established organizations. To be 100% safe when you shop at Arty Swede you always have 90 days open purchase.

If you would like some inspiration, any tips and ideas, please visit our inspiration page, where you can see picture walls and if you are looking for Swedish photo art, you will also find it there. Thank you for visiting us and making it possible to spread Swedish art in the world.

Erika & Tim
Founder, Arty Swede AB

Unique art posters and pictures

When you choose posters from Arty Swede, you will always get unique and hand picked art from selected, professional artists. All motives are created exclusively for Art Swede,which guarantees a high quality and unique posters on your picture wall.


Do you need help to find the right motives?

We happily give you ideas and advice! If you need to choose art posters for your home, we’ll be happy to help you. Take some pictures of the room or rooms you want to renew and send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll give you feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what posters you like. It will make it easier for us to combine pictures that suit your taste.


All posters are handled by us

All handling of posters and picture frames is done at our own stock in Trosa, Sweden. All pictures and frames are carefully reviewed before they are sent to you to ensure that you always get a faultless product of highest quality. We take great care that you are always 100 % satisfied with the pictures you order from us. That’s why you always have 90 days open purchase.


Art Swede - posters and pictures that last

Handpicked, timeless, qualitatively and sustainable is for us not just empty words but something that we have worked actively with to make it permeate us as a company.


Handpicked and unique in dialogue

Choosing motives are always preceded by a long process and a dialogue with the artist. We choose together the motives we think might be appreciated by our customers and that can be nice and simple to combine as pictures. The unique expression of the artist and our commercial knowledge and feeling for what is appreciated, form the basis for the pictures that are handpicked in our collection.

If we talk about art like paintings on canvas or paper of aquarelle, we start with the development in repro or digital image. The works are photographed or scanned, depending on what is the most convenient way before the picture is processed to look alike the original picture exactly. After that, sample prints are made, so that colors and tones can be compared and corrugated before printing.

When it’s time for printing on a fine, uncoated and eco-labeled art paper, we are present during the whole process to ensure all parts in developing the poster. When we stroke our hand over the surface of the poster, we hope that you will experience the same feeling as we do. Quality! The printing ink that has beautifully sunk into the paper and created the motive you have in your hand.


Timeless - Art that remains

Timeless is a word that has many meanings for us at Arty Swede. In contrast to the fast and replaceable consumer society we’re all a part of, we want and hope that the art we offer will last for a long future. We also like trends, and to be part of it is innovative, but the art we offer is something indeterminate in time. What you get caught up in you may not describe in words but it is something that strikes a feeling in you. We believe that this  feeling is universal, and something that can apply to all people in different times. It means that something can speak to you in the same way today, that in 20 years. We therefore hope that the poster you buy is not as replaceable as the trends that are blowing past every day.


Quality and sustainability in all pictures

Quality is interconnected with sustainability for us. It’s one of several aspects, for example that you as a customer get a high quality product and that you are happy with when you get it delivered to your home. That the print is of quality and that the paper we print on is age-resistant and stable when you are framing your motive. That´s something that benefits both of us. To us quality also means that the choices we have done, the review we have during the whole process should be seen and felt for you as a customer in the end.


You make a sustainable choice - Made in Sweden

When it comes to sustainability, it’s a question that concerns and is important to us all. We have chosen to print the unique pictures of our artists on an eco-labeled FSC - paper and we print all motives in Sweden, which reduces unnecessary transports and emissions. The picture frames we sell are all produced in Sweden of Swedish pine - which we are also happy to be able to offer you.


We want to give back

Apart from our endeavor for sustainability in the whole chain of the production we also want to give back in other ways. From the sale of our series “Swedish Species” - beautiful illustrations in aquarelle and ink of our Swedish animal - and plant species as posters - Arty Swede gives 10%  in full to the environment work of The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Heartily welcome to Arty Swede!

Erika and Tim


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