TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

Photo art

Photo art of unique and ageless motifs from Sweden with tones that are suitable to combine in a picture wall. The photo art and the posters you find online in our webshop are unique. That means that you can’t find these pictures anywhere else. We are proud of that.

Tips for you

An exciting break in a picture wall or in a still life on a shelf is to add something personal, as a memory. The little hand print in plaster when your child was 1 year, the beautiful mirror with a golden frame or a nice album cover. It’s the mixture and the combination which makes a picture wall exciting. If you feel it is spreading too much, let the frames be in the same colour - it calms and keeps things together.

Photo art - timeless and always modern

Photo art, photography as an art form, has existed since the 1900s. It's timeless but at the same time a modern form of expression, which has got an upswing during the latest years. Art Swede offers a big choice of nature pictures, botanical photographs or town environments, both in colour or black and white. The tones in our photo art are muted, which makes the pictures easy to combine. A fishing village in Gotland, a beautifully bloomed poppy or a sea of colourful flowers in the colours of spring -  we've photo art for every room.

Professional photographers behind the art

Our photographs are created by professional photographers so why don’t you create a nice picture wall which makes your home both more personal and snug. Combine nature pictures and black and white with colourful motifs or text pictures in an endless variation.


Nature as a healing power

The biggest part of our photo art consists of pictures from nature. Landscapes, forrests, oceans, flowers in close-up or stones in water, abandoned houses or fishing huts by the sea. To surround yourself with pictures and beauty gives you a calm in your room but also a wellbeing for your health. To be able to surround yourself with nature, in the form of photographs or paintings, the time you spend in your home, can absolutely affect your wellbeing, as well as the real nature. Research has shown that nature itself has a preventing and healing impact on us.

Reduced secretion of stress hormone and lower blood pressure are effects that nature has on us.

The reason for feeling so well in nature, is that our senses have interacted with it for thousands of years. Smell, touch, taste and hearing are more difficult to transfer online, but sight is one of the senses that affects us greatly. There, the image you wake up or fall asleep to, can add a greater wellbeing.


What do our customers say?


Super fast!

Got my posters the day after ordering, appreciated!

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Incredibly nice pictures

Very high quality photography art prints

Rickard Hamren


Helpful customer service

I got very fast and good help from customer service

Therese Wikström

Fast delivery

Got my order very fast, fun!

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