TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

Kitchen posters

Decorate your kitchen with unique, classy and graphic posters that will remind you of pure raw materials, origin and cooking. Art for the heart of the home, is not always given the same priority as the other rooms. But the kitchen is the room, where we spend, most of the time in a home, so there is a reason to give the kitchen some extra care. One idea is to put a picture on the open shelf behind the cups or among the cookbooks.

To mix art among the everyday things, the often used kitchen utensils or the work bench - gilds and lifts the everyday kitchen up and makes it more snug and creative.

Gild and lift your kitchen

The kitchen is the room where we socialize both for everyday and party and where a nice poster with dried mushrooms creates an environment, inspiring for cooking and gives a beauty.

Posters and pictures of cereals like oats, barley, wheat and rye or of porcini mushrooms or white eggs in a graphical pattern, can help to create the style and the feeling in the kitchen.

Always 100% safety when you buy posters from Arty Swede

You always get 90 days open purchase on kitchen pictures and other pictures.

That makes it possible to try the pictures at home in your kitchen and return them, if you aren’t 100% satisfied.


Origin of raw materials

Today we are moving further and further from the source of what we are eating and cooking. Food is what occupies a big deal of our lives, both in the form of time, planning and being delighted. Traditions herited recipes and recognition is what food symbolizes to many people. But to pull up a fully grown carrot or pick freshly laid eggs is today few to be granted, even if the interest is getting bigger. Sometimes we want to get inspired and reminded about the grower’s  gentle hand and care for his raw materials. The way of picking the tomatoes one by one after months of care and watering in sunshine and rain. Who is able today to distinguish oats, wheat, rye and barley? Did the rye have rods or was it the wheat?

In simple lives the great, it is said. An artichoke is a beauty in itself and worth a place to be watched at on the  kitchen wall as a beautiful kitchen picture. Its green massive petals,

which, in layers, form a beautiful flower, or two Porcini mushrooms, which tenderly lie close to each other and where every detail is visible.

If we can’t be there, a picture can remind us or at least teach us how the origin of our raw materials looks. In a modern and stylish kitchen, a picture of the raw material, the handicraft of the cultivator, a nice contrast and gives the kitchen the warmth it needs.


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