TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.

Art Cards

A unique art card enhances any gift or flower bouquet. Save it, then frame it and hang it on the wall as a work of art.


Birthday cards and congratulation cards with art

What is a birthday gift without a congratulation card, a bouquet without a greeting, a parcel without a sender? Nothing. If you ask us. The card with the personal, short or long handwritten greeting, is something that often has a great meaning and which is saved to be remembered in the future.

Our congratulation cards with printed motives of art are double in A5 and printed on a thick 400 g paper. The cards take place and are visible and make the palest gift to appear like something special and beautiful. The timeless motives on the cards is something you gladly save or put up on the wall or even put a frame around.

A personal greeting is almost something unusual in the digital society of today. With a handwritten text you are guaranteed to make an impression and make somebody happy. Whom would you like to surprise with a handwritten card? To receive a physical letter with a beautiful motive of art and a greeting in it, on a normal day - it’s a good idea if you want to show somebody the little extra.

Choosing a card for a birthday gift is important and not always the easiest thing to do, since many cards on the market have strong and bright colors, which like to compete with the gift wrapping paper. Our motives keep a calm and dull color scale, which make our cards convenient for most of the colors and papers. If you want to be on the safe side - if the gift in itself has happy colors or a patterned paper - choose one of our cards with a black and white motive. Our cards are very appreciated!  

They are perceived as luxurious with the choice of paper and the beautiful silky smooth lace-patterned envelopes in off-white further enhances the feeling and experience.


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Super fast!

Got my posters the day after ordering, appreciated!

Johanna Nilsson


Incredibly nice pictures

Very high quality photography art prints

Rickard Hamren


Helpful customer service

I got very fast and good help from customer service

Therese Wikström

Fast delivery

Got my order very fast, fun!

Eva Nystedt


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