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TODAY - Buy 2 get 3 on all posters!

Valid until 24/1.


ARTY SWEDE is a Swedish brand that offers unique and handpicked art prints.
The qualitative art is created exclusively for Arty Swede by selected Swedish artists and
printed on uncoated eco-labeled quality art paper in Sweden.  

You are contributing
When purchasing an item from Arty Swede you are also helping people in need.
Arty Swede donates 10% of its profit to well-established NGOs.

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Erika och Tim
Arty Swede AB



"Surrounding yourself with qualitative art should be easy"

The idea of selling Swedish photo art online was far from a coincidence for Erika Stenlund and Tim Svensson when they founded Arty Swede in the fall of 2017. The company is a perfect symbiosis of their diverse backgrounds.

The married couple Erika and Tim left the busy life and the concrete in Stockholm to settle in the small town of Trosa with their children. They found the calm they were looking for, but at the same time they longed to build something new together. The time had come to launch the idea that creates beautiful homes, while promoting creators and contributing to something bigger.

Tim Svensson made himself a name in e-commerce circles in the early 2000s when he founded the e-commerce platform Over the years, the company helped over 5,000 e-retailers with their online sales.

Erika Stenlund has been a professional photographer since 2005, and has worked for several of the largest newspapers and photo agencies in Sweden. Now they have taken the step together to become entrepreneurs in the least said explosive e-commerce sector.

- E-commerce has really evolved since I started in the sector, says Tim. Today, technical solutions are not a threshold - to succeed is rather a question of being as customer-friendly as possible. High quality, good prices and fast deliveries are hygiene factors. Customers expect greater experience continuously.

Swedish photo art online is a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years, partly because many artists often has a stock with fantastic art that do not find their place with traditional clients. The idea is to, slowly but surely,  let Arty Swede grow organically by connecting additional artists with different expressions.

- Art has traditionally been reserved for those with good finances. We want to change that. Our aim is to give more people the opportunity to surround themselves with qualitative art at a reasonable price, says Erika.

Every motif in Arty Swede's range is hand-picked, unique and created exclusively for Arty Swede by Swedish artists.

- Many online stores that sell art prints buy stock images from image banks for mass producing, but we want to help the customer to feel confident that what we offer is carefully selected in terms of both quality of the art and print, says Tim.

The unique motifs are popular with interior design enthusiasts who like to change and easily create new environments in their homes. Arty Swede also collaborates with stylists and interior designers.

For Tim and Erika it is very important to let the company contribute in a larger context. Therefore, they donate 10 per cent of Arty Swede's profit to well-established NGOs.

For Erika, who was born into a family working for NGOs and lived in Burundi during her first three years, charity is not just a sticky CSR activity - it is part of her upbringing and still permeates everything she does.

- It's definitely in our DNA to work for a higher purpose, she says. As an entrepreneur, you have opportunities to influence a lot in the long run. I think it is our responsibility to help people in need.

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